Working with Cynthia has been eye-opening for me. She is not just a results-oriented trainer that looks only to the bottom line. She also cares about the backstory of what your limitations have been and what has been holding you back mentally – and how this manifests itself in your muscular habits. Her background in both dance/Pilates and Powerlifting has been very helpful to get different perspectives on routine movement and conditioning. For someone with many injuries and (formerly) many limitations, she has helped me reach a new level of overall wellness.
— Dory K.
Although I have always been a competitive athlete growing up, I never found a sport that I truly loved until powerlifting came into my life. I began training under Cynthia the summer going into my senior year of high school (2015) and eight months later I competed in my first meet. I now have three competitions under my belt all of which were successful due to her precise training programs. She takes the time to address specific issues not only to improve my strength, but also correct technical problems. Since training with Cynthia, my body is stronger and my confidence is high.
— Gabby S.

When I started with Cynthia over a year ago, I immediately saw and felt the difference between her way of training and previous trainers I have worked with over the years. Cynthia is knowledgeable, creates challenging programs and is always pushing me to make changes and improve. She has an amazing way of knowing what my body is capable of on any given day- much better than I am! Cynthia is the only trainer who has motivated me to come to the gym two to three times a week for this long…and i can still rave about every work out and see the results!
— Michelle S.

Cynthia helped me get a grip on the healthier lifestyle I now follow. Not only was I training with her three times per week, she also referred me to her collegue, Robyn Ziemba, MS, RD, CDN to take care of my diet. I lost over 20 lbs in 3 months because of this program.

Cynthia never allows my “bad days” to interfere with my training sessions, no matter what reason I have for not giving 100% each time. She always finds a way to motivate and give me the focus I need to get the work done. She invests in the wellbeing of her clients.
— Kelly L.

I have been working out with Cynthia for 6 years. 4 of those years however, were marked with inconsistency – two pregnancies, a Masters degree, and an old disc herniation can do that to a woman.

One day two years ago, after I threw my back out while lifting my baby, Cyn had a serious and life-changing conversation with me. My takeaway message was this: “You’re a busy mom and you can’t be getting hurt.” “Get strong for yourself so you can be strong for your kids.” And the game changer: “The only way to do this is through CONSISTENCY.”

That day I made the resolve to be consistent with my training and promised myself that if something doesn’t get done in my life, at least my strength training will. And so it has. My back hasn’t been out since that serious talk with Cyn two years ago, I’m lifting heavy weights with precise form (thanks to her extensive physiological education), my posture has noticeably improved, I wear my new muscle definition proudly like a new handbag, and the best part: my kiddos are now blessed with a super strong mama who knows she can conquer anything. Choosing Cynthia as my trainer is, hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve made.
— Robyn Z.
Cynthia stands out as a coach because of her understanding, professionalism, and versatility. Her academic knowledge of the body and years of experience make training with her safe yet challenging. Technique is paramount - to avoid injury and maximize benefit. Her thoughtfulness, insight and determination set her apart from the rest.
— Vanessa R.