Located within Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance owned by Jason Manenkoff (Cynthia's coach for the past decade), Intermix Strength strives to exceed expectations and over deliver in the multifaceted process of achieving ones goals. There is no one size fits all training methodology. We are results driven and take pride in helping each and every individual that walks through our doors become a better version of themselves. 

Our systematic approach shows results that are quantifiable. Intermix Strength teaches proper technique and execution of the Barbell Lifts. These free weight movements are performed to maximize fitness for those at any level. With frequent and consistent training, the Barbell Lifts along with other free weight exercises (including bodyweight movements) improve overall strength. Assuming sound dietary habits are followed, this type of training is also effective at increasing lean body mass and decreasing body fat.

One of the greatest moments is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did.